Permaculture, what is it? The astrophysic explanation

We are often asked what exactly Permaculture is. We believe it is essentially a philosophy. This video is the scientific proof it is actually much more. Permaculture rest in everyone genes, we are not small compared to the Universe, we are BIG because we ARE the Universe. It is this secular connectivity between Humans and the Universe that makes our love and respect for Nature superior to the economic law of profit. Accordingly to profit law, agriculture should take place only where the production costs are cheaper and from there exported worldwide. Therefore our losses should force us to unwind agriculture. But can we stop loving our Earth, make it greener everywhere, looking after our eco-system and pass such love from father to son, regardless? We cannot and we do not know why, because it is in our genes. Rather on the contrary, when we meet our guests, we strenght such connectivity and feel what money cannot buy: we feel the Universe in us. Enjoy the video.

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