Don’t call it grass!

This season we have added few more ideas to our wellness proposition. You by now know you can pitch your tent up in the seafront’s garden. And stay glamping with your private bathroom and outdoor kitchen and BBQ. stay outdoor in Spring has also positive side effects that permaculture’s lovers know by heart: vegetables! This is the major plus. hunt for wild fennel, lettuce or asparagus and you’ll begin regretting the moment your landscape architect offered you to seed anominous grass that just makes your water utility bill grow in Summertime. As usual pictures will give you an hint. Amused? Then wait no further and send a booking request. We have an eye starring offer for bookings between March and May. Quote Zagara on the subject of your booking request. Arrivederci!

Permaculture, what is it? The astrophysic explanation

We are often asked what exactly Permaculture is. We believe it is essentially a philosophy. This video is the scientific proof it is actually much more. Permaculture rest in everyone genes, we are not small compared to the Universe, we are BIG because we ARE the Universe. It is this secular connectivity between Humans and the Universe that makes our love and respect for Nature superior to the economic law of profit. Accordingly to profit law, agriculture should take place only where the production costs are cheaper and from there exported worldwide. Therefore our losses should force us to unwind agriculture. But can we stop loving our Earth, make it greener everywhere, looking after our eco-system and pass such love from father to son, regardless? We cannot and we do not know why, because it is in our genes. Rather on the contrary, when we meet our guests, we strenght such connectivity and feel what money cannot buy: we feel the Universe in us. Enjoy the video.

Honey goes online! Reserve your jar by email:

After a year of long waiting, we are happy to introduce our honey, courtesy of the happy bees living in the organic farm in Sicily. After a winter and spring feeding themselves with nectars from every kind of herbs, April offered the bees a full load of zagara blossoning, which kept our bees pretty busy. Now it is time for us to collect the extra frames full of fresh honey and natural wax. This is happening while we speak. Contrary to what you often see if you have had the joy and fortune to be an apirist, we are not collecting all the honey, but only the extra layers, so to leave our generous bees all the honey stock they need to spend a comfortable winter in their cosy hives. According to the permaculture’s principles in fact, we refuse nomadism as a way of breed our bees. They work hard in the warm Seasons and so we grant them a restful Winter. We believe happy and healthy bees make superior honey and superior honey means more vitamins and minerals which prevent human beings from requiring doctor’s prescriptions. Final remark: a spoon of honey instead of chemically bleached sugar for breakfast can save you from flu in Winter. Do you not believe it? Have a try!

From grains to breads

Few posts ago, I showed you my hands with few grains, now I am pleased to offer you the true outcome, the Primo Passo bread from Timinia (Tumminia in Sicilian slang). Now you can appreciate the first conception of Primo Passo project. One site in Sicily where we offer different ancient autochthon varieties of grains that we use to make different breads. One site where you experience: the scents of fresh wheat harvest, the music of watermills spinning out flour, the sound of firewood oven crackling and finally the scent of fresh bread that is just like the scent you experienced on the field. This experience takes about a year, are you ready for it? What you see here is Timinia bread, it comes from this darker slimmer grain and that is why stays so dark even if it is not a whole wheat bread. The flavour is intense, and it is best appreciated on its own with just a splash of extravergin olive oil, organic, needless to say. This bread is as rich in flavour as poor in glutyne. That makes it more digestible too. It lasts for a week or even more and gets actually tastier as it settles after few days it has been baked. Can we call it just bread? For more info, where to find it, how to place an order, go on contacts page. Cheers!