From grains to breads

Few posts ago, I showed you my hands with few grains, now I am pleased to offer you the true outcome, the Primo Passo bread from Timinia (Tumminia in Sicilian slang). Now you can appreciate the first conception of Primo Passo project. One site in Sicily where we offer different ancient autochthon varieties of grains that we use to make different breads. One site where you experience: the scents of fresh wheat harvest, the music of watermills spinning out flour, the sound of firewood oven crackling and finally the scent of fresh bread that is just like the scent you experienced on the field. This experience takes about a year, are you ready for it? What you see here is Timinia bread, it comes from this darker slimmer grain and that is why stays so dark even if it is not a whole wheat bread. The flavour is intense, and it is best appreciated on its own with just a splash of extravergin olive oil, organic, needless to say. This bread is as rich in flavour as poor in glutyne. That makes it more digestible too. It lasts for a week or even more and gets actually tastier as it settles after few days it has been baked. Can we call it just bread? For more info, where to find it, how to place an order, go on contacts page. Cheers!

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