Zagara – our Honey from sicilian black bees – DISMISSED – please read WHY below

Our black bees live all year around at the sea garden. Abiding by the rules of organic farming and permaculture, we treat our little friends as living creatures rather than as honey producing machines: honey comes only if there is more than enough for the bees.

Unlike much modern practice today, we never move our bee hives. We allow the little creatures to collect as much nectar and pollen as their instinct tells them to, then leave them to spend Winter resting in their cosy hives.

We believe rested honeybees are healthier and happier and that their honey, therefore, is even better for us.


Climate changes in last years do not allow to get honey from hives as there is not enough honey even for themselves.

As TOP PRIORITY is to rescue bees, swarming is welcome in Spring, as it is in unfarmed reality. Baby queens are untouched and so it is their honey.

You can still book an educational tour between the hives at our gardens to understand how we can serve the bees better and understand their magic world. So come to visit!

Anecdote: zagara is the proper name of any type of citrus flower: white, sometimes mottled, and very fragrant. Its perfume fills the hills and villages of Sicily during the months of April and May and is associated with wedding celebrations. Traditionally Sicilians shower the bride and groom with this blossom, wishing them good luck and prosperity in their new life together.

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