How many different types of wheat can you name? Our wheat “tumminia” is an old traditional crop.  It is a cultivar that has been grown next to the historical Primo Passo mill since Ancient Greek times. The name even comes from the Greek τρεις μήνες, meaning three months, because of the short time span from seed to ear. If sown in February, it can be harvested in June.

The wheat, when it is ground between the limestone millstones, produces an intensely perfumed flour with a beautiful tawny colour. We add only salt, water olive oil and natural yeast to make the dough. Because of the natural yeast the bread stays fresh for a week.

The “tumminia” loaf is baked in a stone oven, fired by the branches pruned from the orange, lemon and olive groves. Low in gluten and calories, this traditional Sicilian loaf is highly digestible and recommended even for those on diets.


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