Available Tours

Excursions and activities

Guests can customize their holiday package by choosing from various activities. Choose yours and book here.

Water activities and Sports:

kayaking, snorkelling and diving in the beautiful caves of the Mediterranean.

Cultural and historical excursions:

Brucoli fisherman village at just 10km distance, with its castle and lighthouse standing in front of the Catania gulf and Etna Vulcano.

Farming activities:

Those who wish can rediscover their bonds with Mother Nature by joining in with the orange harvest in January and February or with harvesting the wheat crops in June. Or just visit the old typically Sicilian Primo Passo watermill, where our farmers will be pleased to sell our organic vegetables to you directly on field.

During the months of October and November, guests might want to help hand pick the olives the local way using a stick (the “bacchettatura”), then watch the freshly picked olives being pressed in the mill before filling their own bottles with the delicious extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting activities:

lovers of natural flavours would enjoy tasting our Zagara honey “manufactured” for us organically by our happy, healthy bee colonies.  Let me introduce you to this incredible kingdom by meeting the hives and learn how they work on site.


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