2017 Olive oil ready to go 

After pruning and the resilience of my friends that look after the olive trees and harvest the olives, yesterday we got the new olive oil of this season. For those interested yield was a record high of 14% although the quantity was a record low of 444 kg due to extraordinary pruning and exceptionally dry summer. With 64 kg of olive oil there will still be enough to pamper the happy guests of our Sea Garden. Cheers!


Sweet sweet Honey

It is time for zagara honey amd the hives becomes the skyscrapers of Primo Passo. Next time you come visiting as guests, do not forget to dip a full spoon of honey into your coffee and remember this live picture!

KondensKompressor @ Primo Passo

As soon as I read this water saving irrigation system based on plastic bottle recycling, I couldn’t resist to the idea of implementing it. So now the fresh herbs of sage and basil are only watered by this system that really need little water. And to make it even more sustainable in summertime, I use sea water instead of the precious stocked water from rainfall.

Curios to see it with your own eyes? Come and check it out!