Prickly Pears @ SeaGarden

Every season, one colour. Shared for breakfast after proper peeling! Do not try this at home 😉


Sweet sweet Honey

It is time for zagara honey amd the hives becomes the skyscrapers of Primo Passo. Next time you come visiting as guests, do not forget to dip a full spoon of honey into your coffee and remember this live picture!

KondensKompressor @ Primo Passo

As soon as I read this water saving irrigation system based on plastic bottle recycling, I couldn’t resist to the idea of implementing it. So now the fresh herbs of sage and basil are only watered by this system that really need little water. And to make it even more sustainable in summertime, I use sea water instead of the precious stocked water from rainfall.

Curios to see it with your own eyes? Come and check it out!

Summer selfie

It is time to wish farewell to the latest guests to leave the house, Vincenzo Simona and their 2 children. We had great time all together having dinner al fresco with mussels, prawns and wine. Time flies when you are having a good time, but Summer will come again and I trust you’ll be back, cheers!

June favourite

I already mentioned that every month has its long waited favourite specialty. Well, june is month of capers. Early collected today from Primo Passo Sea Garden, they now get separated from stems and washed before drying out in sea salt for the next couple of day in cane basket. This procedure guarantees that capers remain dry when water flows out.
Stocked in glass jar, they will make guests happy for the whole years. Unique taste both with baked fish or meat stew. For now, enjoy the picture!