Dear fellow,

after listining to Her Majesty’s speech yesterday, I came to the conclusion to suspend the Bed&Breakfast activity until further notice. This comes as a safety measure for both you and me. There is an appropriate time for everything and this is the time to #stayhome, stay safe.

On the contrary, organic food delivery continues with no restrictions other than the high delivery costs for exporting out of Italy (i.e. 30 euros for anything up to 30kg). Drop an email if you are keen to support this project.

Pictures and videos will continue to be posted here throughout Summer, even more frequently than usual to remain closer with all of you, while we keep the distance.

As Her Majesty said “we will meet again”. Arrivederci,


#quarantine we stay close, to get closer.

Sunday organic brunch

Italy is stranded because of coronavirus covid19, and so are we. We are not opening the season today.

But bad times could come for good sometimes. So I am experimenting new food process with my same organic farm ingredients. Guess what it is around the wood tablet. The well known olive oil from 2019, but also the dough milled with stoned from the wheat from last summer, some fresh water flavoured with lemon skin hand picked yesterday and some left over of yesterday home baked bread… and I forgot the original marmalade from wild oranges, with skin, as it should always be. Alone now, to welcome you all later! Arrivederci until further notice, Giuseppe

Primo Passion @home

Available for wedding photography and celebration. If you plan getting married in Sicilian style, consider booking the whole villa either for yourselves or demanding guests and get escorted in Alfa Romeo from 1967.


#lightitupblue #autismspeaks

Tonight Capo Santa Croce will join the celebration of the world autism awareness day. Three public venues including Primo Passo and the lighthouse will light them up blue to challenge the prejudice of ignorance.Because it is only ignorance that see in other human beings what is missing instead of what it brings.Because this World needs all kind of minds.