Sustainable House rules

Waste must be separated and will be collected door to door by the Municipality service. In the kitchen area open the drawer below the sink and find 1 grey basket for generic waste with black bag and 1 Brown basket with recyclable white bag for organic. Once full, those bags must be place in the grey and brown basket out in the backyard. Rinse other waste if necessary, namely plastic&metal, paper and glass before throwing them directly in their respective bins as exhibited.

We will take care to hand the bins outside at night for collection. Please note that the organic waste will contribute to provide natural compost for the health of the garden.

Rooms are strictly non smoking.
Bed linen and towels will be changed once a week unless you request higher frequency. By accepting this you contribute to limit use of chemicals and be conscious of water.

Please switch off the air condition when leaving your room. Washing machine is available. Please load it yourself then ask us how to use it to avoid defaults. We are happy to switch it on/off for you. Same for the dishwasher.

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