Live your emotions

It is Sunday late morning and we are just up after a long Saturday of celebration of our first debut to the Milanese buzz. Everything began with Pino asking me ‘What is Glamour?’ I answered ‘Glamour is anything capable of giving emotions through the involvement of all 5 senses’. And so I said to Pino, I’ll make Glaumour with bread. He smiled. No more words we needed. And emotions were running high last night; Emotions by music, a special mention to Gatto Panceri’s unique voice and vibrating lyrics. Emotions by the flashing lights and colour of a stylish location, which I can share with you through the pictures. Emotion by touch of Kira fashion clothes, who kindly accommodate us. And eventually emotions by scents and flavours of our Primopasso buffet. The king is bread in its forms and shape, thanks to my true friend Franco, who came from Sicily with a load of our fresh unique bread expecially for the event. And our chef Federico, also came from our location in Sicily to support this venture and add his cousine touch to the place. Thanks to everyone who attented ad I hope more of you will attend. As I said to the ones present there, we are sharing with you the flavours and scents of a region, Syracuse and its people. More to come soon. For now Cheers!

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