Breaking News: Farmers entitled to bake!

Italy is a strange Country so no wonder if bakery shops are today in riot against farmers and our Ministery of Finance, because a new legislation has passed allowing we peasants to make bread from our fields: outrageous! Yes, why on Earth you should be offer the chance to taste authentic bread? What if you find out that bread can actually get tastier by the week and you do not need to shop daily for something that your stomach can hardly digest at night? Oh nooo, do we really want that people realize that we have been buying bread made from chemically bleached flour for ages? That bread can be brown yet tasty? Do we want to deprive our industrial mills from mixing contaminated wheat with organic wheat? rotten flour of last season with the new one? Here at PrimoPasso we are ready to make the difference, and we can do it together. Please subscribe to this blog and share the spirit of Mother Nature

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