Nuclear is renewable, not Green

The picture here shows the rotten connection point of a perspective 5MWp solar farm, another Primo Passo project currently halted by the latest unprecedent Italian regulation restrictions on Green energies. It is meantime with the utmost sorrow that we write this post. A whole nation is in danger, Japan, and yet it is not Mother Nature but human forces that scare us the most. Whenever we pretend to dominate Nature, we exposed ourselves and our future generations to greater risks. If we escape a nuclear disaster, we should call ourselves blessed, not brave. On the same days a wild debate on nuclear prolification is spreading the Countries. Pro Nuclear activists claim the need of National independency from other oil rich yet belligerant Countries. Nuclear power as renewable energy to provide wellness to people, is actually threatening a whole Country for the years to come. On the very same days, Italian government has drastically downsized its incentives to Solar energy plants, claiming the energy bill would otherwise escalate too much at the expenses of its citizens. This is absolute blind madness. We are casting our vote to death sentence to our Planet Earth. We are deciding to proliferate nuclear sites across the Globe as if Natural disasters are predictable in time and magnitude, hence Nuclear disasters avoidable. We are also not considering to account for the radioactive waste stocking costs, damage and contaminations. There is even more. Nuclear plants are highly expensive and concentrated in the hands of few; as they favour a few, a few can return large favours. On the contrary, harmless solar energy farms, which do not even create magnetic radiations, would be spread over a moltitude of people. If government incentives favour everyone a little, no big favours can be expected to our politicians in rewards.
This is a message in a bottle, I do send an SOS to the World. Let raise our voice loud and say NO to Nuclear, YES to Solar. At any economic costs, but not at our own future generation cost. Not again please, in the memories of who suffered and will suffer from radioactive contamination to save our lives. Comments welcome.

One thought on “Nuclear is renewable, not Green

  1. There is nothing crazy in decisions concerning nuclear power in Italy …. In fact, large contracts generate large bribes of money paid directly to Switzerland …. (Perhaps the Minister Prestigiacomo would still agree if a nuclear power plant was built before his house in Syracuse …)

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