Every season has its own colours, we all know this. But April and May in Sicily have an unique scent too. It is the scent of zagara. Orange and lemon blossom across the whole countryside makes the town nearby refreshed by an intense unique breeze which can make tourists dizzy without sipping any alcohol. Zagara is the beautiful flower that will turn into Christmas balls later in the season across every orange and lemon tree. For now it just wear the tree a white dress. Zagara is also the flower of sicilian weddings, the white petals resembling the purity of the bride, yet capable of giving birth to delicius fruits, the sicilian pupils. Finally zagara is the major source of joy for our honeybees, which are stocking in feast more and more honey in their hives. Driven by the Mother Nature generosity of zagara blossoming, honeybees cannot refrein to overstock their supply. We add more ‘floors’ to their ‘houses’; by the end of May we will be ready to collect the additional honey frames (i.e. the ‘floors’) so that we all could benefit from the golden juice of Zagara, made it by courtesy of our hardworking and precious bees. Now let’s toast and raise our… spoons!

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