Spring is in the air, honeybees as well.

Last weekend a new scenary came at our premises and left us speachless. Spring is not something you can check on your calendar. Spring is neither coming on the equinox nor after Carneval and before Easter. Spring come when our landscape change colours, when our honey bees fly hecticly above our head to feed their baby with fresh flower juice. Spring is what we see, not what we count. And Spring is in the air… so many pictures we could possibly use to describe these and more will come. For now, for the ones of you who have been following this blog across the month we selected this picture… the same pictures used at the article ‘Christmas at Primo Passo premises’. What was brown by then is now dark green. The Etna vulcano still benevolent protecting the harvest and the hives. From these very unspoiled hives our bees will stock enough orange blossom honey for our pleasure across the next year. We could tell you that since we stopped using sugar (chemically bleached, in case you do not know) and used honey on our cappuccino’, we never soffer of winter cold or worst fever. But instead we just tell you this simple anecdote: a friend of us came enthusiastically proclaming the wonders of the lastest parfum, A***** C**E, she said it is made of orange blossom and cost €35 per 250ml. We sympathetically smiled and invited her to come back in few months… for free.

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