September morn

Like in the famous Neil Diamond’s song, September mornings have something special. We’ve spend long nights in the terrace under the starlight to discuss the same argument over and over. When you come back from your holiday, or even while your holiday are just coming to an end, a sense of sorrow and melancony takes over. People tells Summer is over, it is September, as if Nature should adjust to reflect our sentiments and our sollicited return to daily job routines. Did you ever hear your friends to say “I need an holiday to recover from my holiday”? Well, Nature does not feel like that, and every month is part of the overall masterplan of Nature, every month brings its own treasures. While we quietly sail the Sea to explore the beauty of the old forthress of Brucoli with the kayaks, Nature is still activily wrapping its fruits for the coming month, and in the hot dry weather it comes the first golden jewells, zibibbo grapes, from which it comes the sweetest Sicilian wine. Nature is wonderful in every month, every month brings the joy of Summer for the ones who are able to watch ahead.

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