Happy birthday to this blog!

One year has passed by and it is amazing to see the differences across the four seasons through the pictures of this blog. Every season has its own beauty if we just have the time to sit down to a large stone in the countryside and listen. Here my personal flashes of what I see at Primo Passo, month by month. I start from May because this is how we gentlemen farmers count in the calendar:
May BLOSSOMS, plenty of. June CAPERS, no doubt that once salted they are my Summer companions in the kitchen for next 360days. July, GOLDEN WHEATFIELD, when you think how many in this World still starve and kill for a loaf of bread, that field is both a God miracle and testimony of our human misery. August SEAURCINS, this month is to cooling off in deep water, feeding us and friends with such favourite fruits from Mother Sea. September HAIRCUT, yes, pruning the trees to tide them up in anticipation of Winter. October OLIVES, hand picking the just riped olives, squeezing one to breeth the will-be oil. November BABYWHEAT FIELD, the same field has changed colours gold-brown-green in just 3months, amusing. December CHRISTMAS BALLS, orange trees dressed to celebrate like we humans do; while elsewhere is all white in snow, here is orange and green. January PLASTIC FRUITCASES, of any colour, piled up in the plantations and in the open trucks that fill the roads of Sicily to distribute them in who-knows final destinations. February WHITE CLOTHES, the religious dresses of Saint Agatha celebration on the 5th, lasting 3 days and nights. You have got to see with your eyes, it is a feast for your soul, but not for your body. March HONEYBEES out, as soon as they perceive the scent of the first wild flowers they go hunting; it is their vital instinct and we appreciate it a lot, don’t we? April ZAGARA, such a beautiful view, such a stoning scent spreading from the country into every town.
Now if you have read all of the above, you will probably have the patience to listen to this interview as well.

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