First International Fair in Matera

From 7th to 9th July in Matera Primopasso has got its first tasting of the water out there. Producing is hard, selling is just different. The fair was split into a B2B event for Russian buyers followed by a B2C late evening.
Selling to the Russian market is exciting and trying to impress our audience with a spot on presentation is even more! Here how we organized our scheduled time for each buyers: 5min presentation of who we are, what we do, how: in a nutshell, we are a group of Sicilian modern peasants offering directly our quality products. 5min presentation of our products in such order: olive oil, thyme, aromatic oil, thyme honey, walnut biscuit, carob biscuits, chocolate&carob dessert and to finish with… wash your hands with our Luffa sponge! Final 5 min to Q&As.
I hope some of our buyers out there will read this post and find it exciting as by then. I do.
We were a wonderful working group, all sharing the same philosophy of modern agricultural: tradition and innovation to make our products fashionable yet authentic in taste.
My biggest joy was when, selling at the stand to consumers, I found the sense of amusement in our clients. No one was familiar with carob biscuits for instance, yet the elders knew the taste of carobs and the youth were excited by a very organic taste so similar to chocolate… a flavour enhancement to every chocoholic!
Primo Passo is crossing bridges and welcome everyone who reads this post to share this joy, cheers!

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