Special of the (summer) day

These days I have had a special guest around. An old friend from London coming to visit me. He wanted to see with his own eyes the Primo Passo estates and take the chance for some Summer holidays too.
Although Italian, he’s been living in London few years and never been to Sicily before. When I was also there, he was always complimentary about the multimillion price tags attached to many houses in London. By the way, this is my point of view about real estate price: housing costs must be correlated to salaries, as it is salaries that provide the cash to pay down the mortgage in the end and not the expected capital gain.
Anyhow, my local friends organized an unexpected lunch by the sea and maybe my Londoner changed his mind about ‘value for money’. We began at 10,30am sharp by moving the grocery down the cost, including the cooking appliances such as camping kitchen, cook and bricks. We finished by 5ish.

Here the special of the day:
Starter: Martini red with slice of orange and steamed mussels in white wine, olive oil, parsley and pepper
First dish: Linguine alla marinara, i.e. with clams, mussels, shrimps, capers and cherry tomatoes
Second dish: king prawns on the BBQ
Fruits& dessert: pineapple, melon and pineapple cake. Coffee.
Join Primo Passo and live differently, live naturally.

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