How tall are you?

it might sound a trivial question as we used to ask in our childhood, yet this wheat field of old kind can reach 1.70 meters.

in modern grain the average height is approx. 60 cm. it is a produce of selection to make the mechanics of cropping easy. the downside is the need of pesticides to protect them.

in my organic field the Perciasacchi, also called the Sicilian Kamut, grows proudly toward the sky to shade off any other weed.

looking forward to a good year of flour!

One thought on “How tall are you?

  1. Hello Gipi!
    How are things going on ?
    You look so happy 😊 and well satisfied with your job! The field looks stunning and the wheat 🌾 high and so green !! Sunny ☀️ springtime ….lucky you

    Where is Augustus ….hiding in the grass ???😀😀
    A big hug to both of you

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