Quasi Live from NYC Summer Fancy Food

Primo Passo has filled its first day of fair in New York among several other young companies from Italy at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in the picture. Among the visitors of our stand there were some amazing encounters: a lady from Australia who is about to launch her rural business and who came to me to gather tips and inspiration;
An old couple from Middletown who came just because our company is from Melilli, the motherland from where, after war, they had to depart in misery looking for the American dream. I almost dropped in tears for the joy to bring the flavours and fragrance of such fertile land back to its beloved citizens from overseas.
Finally to end with an happy note, last encounter was a breathless beautiful Italian lady working at a nearby stand who was kind enough to listen to my permaculture believes and love for honey bees.
Still two days to go, stay tuned!


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