Primo Brussels

Diary of Board Year 2011. Primo Passo joins the European SME Summit, hosted at the European Parlament in Brussels. What could sound like a statement of pride, it is a message in a bottle instead. We send an SOS to this World (another quote, this time from The Police). Yes, having being hosted in more than 400 entrepreneurs in the hall where politicians take decisions on Regulations, financing rules, subsidies to the sick Europe we live in, it was an experience to share with our dearest subscribers. Here comes the message: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE when fullfiling your dreams. I did not expect so other highly motivated SMEs managing their markets over years, sometimes generation by generation DESPITE the difficulties. We are a silent productive community of spirits, there is no difference between us, we all have wanted and challenged our aspiration to the extreme, hence we succeed. As per Esra Pound, “What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.”

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