panem nostrum cotidiànum dà nobis hòdie

Today is Sunday in mid June, and it is time to harvest the wheat… golden wheat field of different varieties are now colouring Primo Passo’s estates. I attach the different pictures of two different varieties. One is ‘Simeto’, selected to be rich in glutine and yield, it is easily recognized for being short thick and straight. The other is ‘Tumminia’, an old authoctone variety which is nowadays rare to find because less productive and not suitable for making pasta. Tumminia wheat has however a strong flavour, and it is more digestible than Simeto.

It is a great gift for me to experience with my own eyes and mouth that wheat is not a commodity to trade on the Chicago stock exchange and I am pleased to share it with you. And let us pray ‘Give us this day our daily bread’

One thought on “panem nostrum cotidiànum dà nobis hòdie

  1. maddai! Ci hai la Tumminia!!!
    Reclamo uno ius primae mietiturae – è strepitoso il pane di Tumminia!
    So exciting – can’t wait to harvest and make the bread

    and, are you kidding? People down there in Chicago have no idea what the bread is – actually, you shouldn’t use the word bread in your life, until you get to taste Sicilian “pane di casa”, as good and comforting as the concept of “casa” itself…

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