Live from the watermill site

Over the horizon

Spring preparation

This nuc will soon be transferred to its new home. Despite the recent cold temperature and battering wind, day light is already one hour longer and flowers are blossoming. Bees are enjoy today Sunshine, many at their first fly to the outside world. Varroa mites are present but treated. While the B&B stays closed to humans, it is well opened to bee lives.

Seasonal recipe

Pumpkin gnocchi, a vegan personalization of the famous butternut squash and sage English recipe learn from Alexia some time ago!

Cut a quarter of the pumpkin you grew in Summer from the seeds collected last year, cut in slices and cool it in the oven for 40 min.

Mill the wheat you harvested last summer so that you have 1/2 kilo of flour.

Blend the pumpkin with olive oil you cold extracted last October to form a cream and mix it with flour till become an homogenous dough.

Cut it in large slices and the chop them. Take a fork and roll them down to shape your gnocchi. You are now ready to boil them!

Stir sage and tofu in olive oil while shortly boiling your gnocchi! Buon appetito!

Stay close, stay safe

Summer is coming to an end. Many ask me where is the honey. Honey is for the bees, not for us. Milk is for the viel, not for us. As long as we do not change our point of view there will not be a sustainable future for the human being in planet Earth.

My bees are happy only because are not disturbed but cared. Because I am not there to rob their honey stock but to check their health.

Honey eventually will come, if and when the seasons will allow. Sustainability is about dealing with less, not with more and more as we have been told.