Do spend Winter where you’ve spent Summer

">In Sicily we learn a lot from old traditions. Summer has always been associated with leisure and entertainment, while Winter being considered harsh and bit depressing. This translates into human relationships too and therefore the motto tells us that if you had fun with a partner met in the jolly season, you should stick with him/her during dull time as well! The partner of choice is the one you can enjoy every season with, not just the sexy bit… oh good old days! And around here time seems never passing, government changes, people live and die, airport gets flooded with tourists during Summer, yet you walk and see the same old PIAGGIO APE50 standing by the pedestrian pavement, dressed with colourful red and yellow handmade paintings, to sell fruit and vegetables in wooden cases for as much as you need to get rid of heavy coins in your light summer shorts.
At Primo Passo we try to keep the good taste and forget what we do not like. What is better than the view of the moon rising embarrassed from the sea to catch the last shine of the sun and then standing up proudly in solitude to fill the terrace with its lights and warm up the waves at night?

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